The Beacon Model

Across the education sector there is recognition from those on the ground as well as policy makers that educating our young people is the responsibility of an entire community – Collaborative Education.

Collaborative Education differs from other forms of education in two main ways. First, it has networks at its centre. Second, it utilizes authentic and applied teaching and learning practices.

Research from the Department of Education, Employment and Work Relations, shows that young people who participate in Collaborative Education are able to understand education in relation to their self and their career. As such they are more likely to be engaged in school, have better educational outcomes, aspire to higher status occupations and have smoother transitions to employment or further education.

The Beacon Model is designed to provide school and communities with the support and infrastructure to develop a sustainable collaborative approach to education, improving outcomes for young people across Australia.

We use our brokerage skills and networks with employers to build collaborations with schools to create immersive future focussed education.

We use our strong relationships with other organisations to build collaborations for widespread change.


Young people are disadvantaged in labour markets because they lack job seeking insights, work experience and networks.

In Australia, around a fifth of young people (21%) have reported a lack of networks as a key barrier to employment (Kahn et al 2011). Programs that include work experience have been found to be valuable in broadening and developing the work-related networks of young people (Mann 2012b).


The Beacon Model strives to REACH, INSPIRE and CONNECT Australia’s future workforce.   Our mission is to revolutionise school education!

The diagram above illustrates the philosophy and approach of Collaborative Education through the Beacon Model.


Beacon’s innovative Model, is delivered through a stakeholder capacity building approach by a variety of modes on the continum of face-to-face to online.  Our vision is to have no barriers to the REACH of the Beacon Model.

At Beacon we strive strategically to reduce educational inequity by allowing remote communities to have the same access and opportunities as those communities in metropolitan areas.

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Connecting, interacting and effectively collaborating is at the heart of the Beacon Model.

Beacon strive to facilitate sustainable local, regional, state, national and global networks through the Beacon Model by connecting participating stakeholders to build a strong foundation for collaborative education to flourish.

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The Beacon Model’s framework of components are designed to maximise inspiration for young people, the workforce, schools and communities.

Inspiration occurs through the Beacon Model reaching those in most need, and providing meaningful and impactful stakeholder connections.

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Beacon's Impact

Community collaborations through the Beacon Model allows networks and collaborations to thrive, giving young people greater exposure and connections to the world of work.

The Beacon Model enhances the opportunity for young people to be engaged, and successfully be able to navigate work over their lifetimes

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