Beacon Student Ambassadors

The Beacon Student Ambassador (BSA) program is a student leadership program which actively engages students in the organisation and delivery of Beacon activities within their school, community and online network. The BSA program provides important representation of the student body in the Beacon program, the students play an integral role in the success of the Beacon Model, as they are the voice of the broader student body linking directly to industry, and playing an critical role in the Business Partnership Group.

Tools, resources and training guides for the BSA program are available are provided in our members’ section. Please sign in to access.

An instructional guide for training BSAs, letter and certificate templates as well as image waivers are provided in our members’ section. Please sign in to access.

“Beacon is really good, it has helped me pick my future career path”

Year 10 Beacon student, Victoria

Beacon Student Ambassadors build the following

Students gain increased self-confidence and the program helps students develop communication and interpersonal skills needed for the workplace.

Schools gain direct student involvement in organising and running aspects of school life and increased school engagement amongst peers, leading to a more harmonious school environment.

Industry gains an opportunity to engage with, and mentor students to pass on valuable knowledge and skills.

Community fosters intergenerational engagement which builds understanding and mutual respect between young people and adults.

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