Business Blackboards

Business Blackboards are co-delivered lesson plans which link authentic industry practice with the Australian Curriculum. Business Blackboards are co-designed between industry professionals and teachers from across Australia, and create a great way for students to see how, what they are learning in the classroom, links into real jobs and industries.

This is achieved by bringing industries and educators together to create engaging and practical classroom lessons in many curriculum areas. While Mathematics or English are popular learning areas, Business Blackboards are very relevant for all curriculum areas. We have an online library of over 90 lesson plans from schools all over Australia.

These lessons aim to make curriculum content relevant to the workplace to give students practical applications to what they are learning inside the classroom. They also aim to provide quality career education opportunities and activities through establishing a culture of business-school partnership.

“I learnt heaps of stuff I didn’t know. The class (Business Blackboard) made it easier for me to concentrate because I had an interest in what we were learning and I know it is something I will use in the future. It made me concentrate more.”

Student, Tasmania

“Today gave students a real world link. They enjoyed it – it was great seeing the boys engaged”

Teacher, New South Wales

Business Blackboards build the following

Students experiential learning demonstrates relevance of their studies, engaging students and opening their minds to new possibilities.

Schools gain enhanced curriculum through industry knowledge which enables career education to be embedded in traditional school classrooms.

Industry gains an opportunity to showcase their industry and the career opportunities within as well as  contribute industry relevant content to the school curriculum.

Community finds the importance of community engagement is reinforced with educators, giving the community a voice in school operations.

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