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Career Stories

Career Stories are authentic inspirational videos recorded ‘on the job’ by a cross-section of Australian workers.

Career Stories showcase a diverse range of jobs, industries, career pathways, skill sets and work-related advice.  The videos are diverse in nature and each video provides links to curricula and the world of work.

Career Stories are used in classrooms across Australia, bringing real world relevance to curriculum topics, and inspiring and motivating young people to set goals and raise aspirations.

Career Stories fall into two categories – Tales and Topics:

  • TALES are narratives which detail an individual’s job, career journey or education pathway.
  • TOPICS are focused on career advice and work readiness tips, or show how a particular Learning Area is utilised in the workplace.


Interested in providing a Career Story?

Beacon Foundation welcomes videos that are real, raw accounts detailing an individual’s career journey, educational pathway, daily tasks, industry practices, challenges, rewards and work-readiness advice. Stories are welcome from individuals at all levels of business – relatively new or experienced employees, managers, owner-operators, executives, apprentices etc.

Career Story contributors may be eBeacon members or non-members. Contributors who are not currently an eBeacon member are invited to apply (membership is subject to approval).

If you are interested in providing a career story, please follow these instructions.

“I am more aware of what employers are looking for and the job opportunities that are out there”

Student, New South Wales
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Career Stories build the following

Students develop a stronger & more clearly defined career narratives, supporting them to navigate more complex 21st century careers.

A flexible and convenient program that can be slotted into the timetable at any point in order to support careers curriculum

Employees are provided with the unique opportunity to share unique skills and talents in a meaningful and engaging digital story.

Direct exposure to mentors and  industries from outside the immediate community, contributes to increased social capital, knowledge and understanding of contemporary worlds of work.

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