Charter Signing

The Charter Signing ceremony is a structured, ceremonial, community event which publicly affirms and celebrates students’ commitment to seeking a positive future pathway. The Charter Signing ceremony is Beacon’s signature event.

Charter Signing ceremonies celebrate the collective commitment of the community to stand beside the young people in the community who are publicly pledging a personal commitment to actively seek a positive future pathway.

Parents, teachers, industry and community all stand in support of the young people, and also publically pledge their commitment to support them in their journey to success.

An instructional guide to assist with the planning of a Charter Signing event, a running sheet template, sample letter of invitation, media release template, tips for guest and staff speakers and picture guide for charter boards are provided in our members’ section.

“We sign the charter to say we are going to to follow our dream, with the support of the community, that’s why I sign”

Year 10 Beacon Student, New South Wales

Charter Signing builds the following

Students publicly commit  to achieving personal success through a positive pathway in further education, training or employment, embedding a deeper sense of commitment to their individual  career journey.

Schools support the development of a healthy and reinvigorated collaborative education culture within the school community, fostering a holistic sense of commitment to careers development education.

Industry leaders step up to become inspirational and motivational role models, creating a sense of pride and commitment to supporting positive pathways for youth within their community.

Community approach is positive and empowering in honouring and acknowledging young people’s commitment to positive post school transitions, supporting every stakeholder to assumes responsibility.

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