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For 28 years Beacon has co-constructed real-world education through partnerships we build between schools and industry.  This includes curriculum, work readiness programs, work exposure opportunities, real-life industry projects and work pathways. eBeacon is an extension of this work, with the aim of reaching, connecting and inspiring more young people than ever before.

eBeacon has extended the potential reach of our work into every school in Australia.

eBeacon brings a wide range of resources from outside communities to students in schools.  These make school engaging and relevant and prepare students to navigate the more complex careers of the future.

Across 2017 Beacon will be inviting our supporters to take with us the next step in our journey to REACH, CONNECT and INSPIRE more young Australians. We’d love for  you to join us to discover innovative ways in which you can help us make a difference in the lives of those who are most in need.

If you are interested in joining our eBeacon community, please complete an expression of interest and we will contact you with further information.


“I see an absolute need for eBeacon in rural and remote communities across NSW and Australia. This has the potential to create a powerful impact for students in a rural setting.”

Eric Jamieson
Director | High Performance Learning
NSW Department of Education and Communities


Members: Beacon Collaborators

A Beacon Collaborator is a volunteer who is passionate about inspiring young people to reach their full potential. Volunteers can engage with and provide industry and job insights to teachers and students, without ever leaving their desk!. These interactions will take place through structured events, informal conversations and collaborations and online, Beacon facilitated networking events. These activities help teachers to infuse their lessons with ‘real life’ job insights, bringing more relevance and interest to the curriculum content for students. The most unique element to being an eBeacon Collaborator is that all of this happens from your own desk!

By joining our eBeacon community you automatically become a Beacon Collaborator. Register Now to find out how easy it is for you to make a difference.

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Working with Children Checks

At Beacon, ensuring that children participate in our programs in a safe, ethical and friendly environment is paramount. We implement a range of policies and procedures to ensure that the welfare and safety of young people guides every decision we make.

The Australian Government has improved and amended Working with Children legislation across the country to ensure that adults and children are adequately protected in their interactions through education providers.  As a consequence, the Beacon Foundation has reviewed and updated our Working with Children policies to ensure best practice across our organisation and partnerships.

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Business Blackboards

Business Blackboards are co-designed lesson plans delivered and created by teachers and industry/business partners.

Business Blackboard lesson plans bring real world relevance to the classroom through experiential learning with authentic industry practices matched to curriculum.

eBeacon has more than 90 Business Blackboard lesson plans in its online library!

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Career Stories

Career Stories are inspirational videos recorded ‘on the job’ by Beacon’s skilled volunteers. The videos are diverse in nature and each video provides links to curricula and the world of work.

eBeacon aims to showcase a diverse range of jobs, industries, career pathways, skill sets and work-related advice.

Explore a career story today.

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Learning Live

Learning Lives are scheduled eBeacon events where groups of industry representatives are live streamed directly into classrooms across the country!

Schools across the nation can register to participate in a variety of Learning Live sessions – e.g. Girls in Science presented by a diverse group of female scientists from across the country.

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Discovery Centre

Browse eBeacon’s Discovery Center for resources and information on a range of Beacon programs and services.

Discover resources for all of the elements of the Beacon Model, including overviews, videos, teaching tips and downloads.


Additional Site Functions

  • Beacon Bites
    ‘Beacon Bites’ is a news-feed for our eBeacon community. By submitting articles, eBeacon members are encouraged to share knowledge, promote upcoming events and celebrate the success of the Beacon model.
  • Groups
    Via eBeacon you can join Groups of like-minded teachers and industry professionals where you can receive and share targeted information to increase knowledge.
  • School Pages
    School pages give Beacon schools the opportunity to showcase their relationship with Beacon via the eBeacon platform. Schools are encouraged to provide a video to illustrate their Beacon journey and support information provided (such as location, years taught, number of enrolments) to help collaborators understand the best ways to Reach, Connect and Inspire the young people at their schools. eBeacon educators and resources associated to each school are linked to help encourage collaboration opportunities.
  • Company Pages
    Company pages display personalised information provided by partners and supporters of eBeacon. Describing their relationship with Beacon, showcasing opportunities within each sector and promoting eBeacon collaborators and resources linked to the company to encourage authentic ‘real world’ engagements. Each company also has the opportunity to provide a video to demonstrate their Beacon relationship.
  • Dashboard
    There are many useful features on eBeacon. A ‘Dashboard’ provides a summary of eBeacon filtered by your preferences. A personalised, interactive feature, your Dashboard provides an overview and links to key information relating to your eBeacon account. It has been designed to be a unique, personalised page which provides an instant overview of relevant resources available and opportunities to engage in activities and to learn more about Beacon.

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