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Beacon Foundation offers a series of one-day programs, targeted to specific age groups from Years 7 to 12. Each program is designed to prepare and motivate young people for a successful post-secondary school transition by working with each individual to develop highly sought after employability and 21st century skills. Our professionally facilitated programs have a high level of involvement from our industry partners and build basic professional skills ranging from dress codes to professional etiquette. In each program, industry representatives share their unique stories and career journeys, in addition to encouraging and motivating participants to recognise their own potential and aspirations.

Beacon Foundation’s High Impact Programs create exceptional experiences for young people and builds their capacity for a successful transition from the classroom to the world of work, further education or training. We produce work-ready young Australians who are inspired, motivated and equipped to reach their full potential.

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“Today has been totally life changing, I now know what employers want and are looking for. I feel more confident about communicating and introducing myself to others.”




Prepare motivates young people to achieve positive
outcomes in the classroom and their daily lives, setting
personal goals in a highly aspirational environment
while demonstrating relevance to the curriculum.




Polish instils young people with knowledge of workplace expectations, interview techniques and
develops competencies in a range of
21st century skills.




Perform imparts young people with the tools and skills
required to meet future employers’ expectations
in the workplace and build confidence for their
post-secondary school transition.


Schools - Get involved

Download the flyer below to find out more information about how to participate in our 2017 Work Readiness Series.

Information includes more detail on the 2017 offering, costs and how to book.


Business - Get involved

Download the flyer below to find out more information about Beacon Social Enterprise Corporate Co-facilitation for 2017.

Information includes more detail on Corporate volunteering, getting to know the 2017 Work Readiness Programs, how to get involved including training offered, training objectives and how to get started.



MyRoad is an innovative online mentoring program for female students.   MyRoad connects female students (15-18 years of age) to industry mentors via video chat technology in the classroom!

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