The Beacon Model is comprised of a framework of activities, initiatives and programs that form the foundation for sustainable Collaborative Education to thrive through connections and networks.

The framework components are customised strategically to maximise Model impact and to suit the environment and needs of individual communities across Australia.

Inspiration results when connections are meaningful and impactful.  The Beacon Models framework of components are designed to maximise inspiration for young people, the workforce, schools and communities.

The inspirational activities, initiatives and programs within the Beacon Model fall into three categories:

·       Real World Curriculum

·       Work Exposure

·       Work Readiness

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“I feel really grateful today…I’m going to walk out of this room with hope. I’ve had an amazing day”

Student, Victoria
High Impact Program: Perform



Beacon Foundation are excited to announce MyRoad 2017/18 following a successful pilot in 2016. MyRoad is an innovative online mentoring program, connecting students to industry mentors via video chat technology hosted on Beacon’s new online collaborative platform, eBeacon.
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Business Blackboards

Business Blackboards are co-designed lesson plans delivered and created by teachers and industry/business partners.

Business Blackboard lesson plans bring real world relevance to the classroom through experiential learning with authentic industry practices matched to curriculum.

eBeacon has more than 90 Business Blackboard lesson plans in its online library!

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Career Stories

Career Stories are inspirational videos recorded ‘on the job’ by Beacon’s skilled volunteers. The videos are diverse in nature and each video provides links to curricula and the world of work.

eBeacon aims to showcase a diverse range of jobs, industries, career pathways, skill sets and work-related advice.

Explore a career story today.

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Beacon Collaborators

A Beacon Collaborator is a volunteer who is passionate about inspiring young people to reach their full potential. Volunteers can engage with and provide industry and job insights to teachers and students, without ever leaving their desk!. These interactions will take place through structured events, informal conversations and collaborations and online, Beacon facilitated networking events. These activities help teachers to infuse their lessons with ‘real life’ job insights, bringing more relevance and interest to the curriculum content for students. The most unique element to being an eBeacon Collaborator is that all of this happens from your own desk!

By joining our eBeacon community you automatically become a Beacon Collaborator. Register Now to find out how easy it is for you to make a difference.

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Collaborative Classrooms

A Collaborative Classroom is a professional development session attended by teachers and industry participants who work in a curriculum related field to co-develop lesson plans (known as Business Blackboards) that are integrated with Australian curriculum outcomes and authentic work practices. The key goal in the Collaborative Classroom sessions is to devise engaging lessons that are aligned with real world work practices and that are later co-delivered to students as Business Blackboards at a pre-agreed time and venue (usually the school, although they can be delivered as part of a site tour to a workplace, online).
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High Impact Programs

Beacon’s High Impact Programs are a series of intensive ‘work ready’ workshops, aimed at raising aspirations and providing young people with the employability and life skills required to successfully transition to further education or meaningful employment.

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Learning Live

Learning Lives are scheduled eBeacon events where groups of industry representatives are live streamed directly into classrooms across the country!

Schools across the nation can register to participate in a variety of Learning Live sessions – e.g. Girls in Science presented by a diverse group of female scientists from across the country.

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Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews assist in preparing students for their first real job interview and the world of work.  It provides them with an opportunity to practice their interview skills face-to-face, in a real setting, with members of the business community.

A critical element of this program is the provision of structured, constructive feedback to the students, in a secure setting based on their performance.

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Speed Careering

Speed Careering is a dynamic and engaging event designed to provide students with up-to-date and firsthand information about a broad range of potential future career options.

At the event, a diverse range of businesses provide a snapshot of their industry and career path, to small groups of students. The event is run in the ‘Speed Dating’ format, but with a career focus.

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Charter Signing

The Charter Signing ceremony is a structured, ceremonial, community event which publicly affirms and celebrates students’ commitment to seeking a positive future pathway.

The event helps to foster motivation and a sense of challenge and excitement within the school community, as well as engage with the community in a public way, lifting the profile of the school and local businesses in the process.

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Work Exposure

Industry tours (sometimes referred to as business site visits or workplace experience sessions) are structured events, usually hosted at a business/industry partner’s workplace.

They enable students to experience the world of work by undertaking a tour, meeting employees, asking questions and participating in hands-on activities.

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