Learning Live

Learning Lives connect industry, students and educators around the nation via live group video streaming direct to the classroom.

Multiple and diverse industry representatives participate through expert Q&A, roundtable or panel sessions focusing on curriculum ‘real world’ relevance, authentic learning, investigation of career pathways in to specific industry sectors and work readiness skills. 

Session topics are decided by either schools or industry and are diverse and varied, covering numerous relevant and interesting subjects designed to inspire students. Students have the opportunity to ask questions of the industry representatives. 

Learning Live sessions are recorded and form part of the Learning Live Library on eBeacon. Sign in to view our the range of Learning Lives already recorded and available on eBeacon for our members, including Girls in Science, Jobs in Finance and Girls in Engineering.


28 March 2017
Learning Live – Maths in Industry
Students learned about careers that use maths and what kind of tasks were involved in the roles.

“It was so great to see that the things we have covered in class were transferable to real other jobs in the workplace”

Teacher, Tasmania
Business Blackboard

Learning Live builds the following

Students are empowered to select subject areas that are  relevant for them, resulting in a more engaging and menaginful careers edeucation experience.

Larger numbers of students can be reached using fewer resources and  students who might not otherwise have had access to careers guidance receive exposure.

Mentors experience meaningful and fulfilling connection with young people using an online model that supports connection with a diverse range of young people

Direct exposure to mentors and  industries from outside the immediate community, results in increased social capital and knowledge and understanding of worlds of work not bound by geography.

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