Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews assist in preparing students for their first real job interview and the world of work.  Mock Interviews provides students with an opportunity to practice their interview skills in a real setting, with members of the business community – either online or face to face.

Beacon Collaborators (Business Mentors) and local community members provide genuine and authentic feedback to young people, which is critical for them to build current  interview technique skills and confidence.

Interview booking templates, tips, feedback guides, instructional guides for administering interviews and mock job ads can be downloaded from our eBeacon members’ section.

“It gives students a chance to experience an interview without the pressure of losing a chance for a real job”

Beacon Industry Volunteer, Queensland

Mock Interviews build the following

Students are supported through the simulated environment to build the applied skills to perform well in interview, achieving better outcomes in the highly competitive job market.

Schools are exposed to applied learning which creates a stronger connection to the world of work beyond the classroom.

Industry members gain access to young people who are more job ready with enhanced  employability skills.

Communities have a broader awareness of the changing nature of the employment market and the skills required to navigate this complex and dynamic environment.

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