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MyRoad Industry Mentors

Beacon Foundation is currently seeking volunteer mentors to lead MyRoad sessions across 2018. We need mentors from a diverse range of backgrounds and occupations to share their experiences in the world of work and help students shape their futures.

MyRoad’s focus is on schools in disadvantaged areas where authentic work-related interventions will have the greatest impact.

MyRoad’s unique online / virtual delivery means we can connect mentors from any location to regional, rural or metropolitan classrooms across the country. You can choose to lead one MyRoad session or many!

Through a two-hour interactive video session, you’ll use questioning and enquiring techniques developed in mentor training to maximise student engagement around key themes. With a focus on building knowledge and understanding of the 21st Century skills needed in a rapidly changing world of work, you’ll have the chance to share your own experiences with a group of approximately 3 or 4 female students in Years 10 to 12.

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The commitment required from MyRoad Mentors

Preparation and training

As a MyRoad industry mentor, you’ll need to devote a maximum of two hours of your time in the lead-up to your MyRoad session to preparation and training. This will include:

  • An online eBeacon registration and Introduction to Beacon foundation video (20 minutes)
  • MyRoad-specific training (1 hour)
  • A technology check to ensure you are set up to deliver MyRoad on the day (30 minutes).


The MyRoad session itself will involve two hours of your time on the day:

  • 30 minutes – motivation module (this module will not involve you but you can use this time to ensure your computer is set up and you are prepared for your session).
  • 1 hour of interactive time with students in groups of 3 to 5 where you’ll deliver 21stCentury skills development module content. Authentic industry exposure, experience and practices form the basis of conversations, supported by diverse role model industry videos. This will be comprised of four 15-minute modules.
  • 30 minutes – celebration and reflection module where you’ll lead students through a reflective exercise to reinforce key module learnings and how they may apply to each individual participant, prompting students to complete individual online evaluation surveys in real time.

Your time commitment would be 4 hours if you choose to deliver one MyRoad session, but each subsequent session would involve much less preparation and training time (and we are very happy if volunteers want to do one or more sessions).

Help to build 21st century skills

21st century skills are skills that employers and the community in general see as valuable for people to contribute economically and socially. STEM education plays a crucial role in developing these skills.

Themes you’ll explore with students in MyRoad are:

  • Picture your Future – Curiosity: Encouraging students to be curious about potential future pathways and possibilities by sharing your experiences.
  • Plug into your Future – Digital Communication: Highlighting the technical advantage young people have today while encouraging them to think about their online presence and digital communication in new ways.
  • Connect your Future – Effective Relationships: Focusing on skills that are helpful for maintaining positive relationships in the workplace, such as teamwork and co-operation.
  • Live your Future – Resilience: Supporting students to realise that failure along the way does not mean they should give up on their goals.

Aligned to the Australian Curriculum

MyRoad content focuses on the development of 21st century skills and is aligned to the Australian Curriculum’s ‘General Capabilities’ and ‘Work Studies’ curriculum.

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“Our mentor was really nice and really understanding. She explained things really well, including her career. This gave us an insight into her life and it really helped me to think about the job I might get after school in a totally different way, in an area I had never thought about working in before.”

Year 10 Student, Tasmania
MyRoad Pilot 2016

“It was a great opportunity for me to give back to the community. The work Beacon is doing is incredibly important in helping to create a positive future for our youth and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Volunteer Mentor from Coca-Cola
MyRoad Pilot 2016

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