Rounds 1 and 2 of the MyRoad Technology Grants are now finalised. No further grants are planned at this point in time but this page will be updated if that changes.

Congratulations to our Round 2 grant recipients!

Congratulations to Round 2 grant recipients – Ingham State High School in Queensland and Cobar High School in NSW. We know your new technology will make a big difference at your school.

Congratulations to our Round 1 grant recipients!

Congratulations to Round 1 grant recipients – Adelaide Secondary School of English in South Australia and South East Region Learning College in Queensland. We hope your new technology will have a big impact at your school.

Improve your MyRoad experience

The experience of rolling out the MyRoad program to more than 4,000 students and 100 schools since its 2016 inception confirms that many schools and community organisations could benefit from improved technology so they can participate fully in this and other technology-based programs.

The aim of the MyRoad Technology Grants 2018 is for schools/organisations to purchase the equipment and technology they need to develop young people’s 21st Century skills – those needed to succeed in the information age such as collaboration, communication, technological literacy, flexibility, social skills and leadership.

Subject to conditions, schools/organisations would apply to purchase the technology of their choice. For some, a bank of laptops would greatly assist their young people in acquiring 21st Century skills. For others, it might be a big screen TV with videoconferencing facilities for their hall or gymnasium, or for others it might be additional wifi devices to enhance internet capability.

The grant assessment process will focus on those schools/organisations that have a genuine need for technology to assist in this area.

Please contact the MyRoad Program Manager, Lisa Matthews, on (03) 6118 2026 or at with any questions.

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