MyRoad is an innovative online mentoring program for female students. 

MyRoad connects female students aged 16 to 19 (or turning 16 that year) to industry mentors via video chat technology in the classroom!

Industry Mentors guide students through a series of structured learning modules, supporting the development of key skills required to support successful post school transitions.

Beacon’s MyRoad pilot in 2016 was very successful  – 938 students participated in the 51 programs that were delivered in 35 schools across the nation, involving 118 industry mentors from 27 companies! Following the pilot success Beacon has secured further funding from Coca Cola to continue MyRoad’s rollout and development in 2017. Bookings will reopen soon for Semester 3 2017.

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Beacon is currently taking expressions of interest from schools who would like to host a MyRoad session in Semester 3 of 2017. Current Beacon partner schools can contact their local Beacon representative directly. If you’re a non-Beacon school, please email


For further information on the MyRoad program, including how to participate as an industry collaborator/mentor, please email

“The experience of mentoring these young girls, who genuinely need guidance and support to define their future, was very refreshing and actually invigorating for me…. I found it rewarding that students are searching for guidance from someone like me, who was in a similar situation some years back…”

Industry Representative, Victoria

MyRoad builds the following

Makes use of technology to provide young people with access to quality career role models from across Australia, supporting the development of stronger and more diverse career narratives

Engages the most socio-economically, socially or geographically disadvantaged schools to ensure students have access to high quality career role models

Business mentors gain insight into the diverse experience of young people across Australia through meaningful online interactions, in an online and streamlined delivery model

Increased access and equity to mentors

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