Beacon’s innovative Model is delivered through a stakeholder capacity building approach by a variety of modes on the continuum of face-to-face to online.

Our vision is to have no barriers to the REACH of the Beacon Model.

At Beacon we strive strategically to reduce educational inequity by allowing remote communities to have the same access and opportunities as those communities in metropolitan areas.

We at Beacon have an ambition to REACH:

  • All Australian Communities – Remote, Rural & Metropolitan
  • Corporate Australia
  • Australia’s workforce
  • All Young Australians
  • All Schools
  • And to go beyond Australia with a Global reach.


‘Looking back to when I was in high school, I never had the opportunity to learn these skills in an open and collaborative environment. As a mentor, it’s great to be able to share my journey and make an impact in some way.’

Industry Representative, Western Australia
High Impact Program: Perform

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