Speed Careering

Speed Careering is a dynamic and engaging event designed to provide students with up-to-date and firsthand information about a broad range of potential future career options. The event is designed to broaden students minds as to the possibilities for future employment.

During the event a diverse range of businesses provide a snapshot of their industry and career path, to small groups of students, on a rotational basis – it is run in a ‘Speed Dating’ format, but with a career focus.

Speed Careering events is often conducted within the school or online or a combination of both.  The event can be designed to provide breadth of knowledge of local career pathway opportunities or could be more specific and tailored towards a learning area, industry sector or career pathway.

Business representatives may get involved directly with the school or virtually through eBeacon.

eBeacon’s member section provides many tools and resources to conduct a Speed Careering event.

‘I can now see more things that could be in my future, and that one day I might be able to find something that I enjoy.’

Beacon Student

Speed Careering builds the following

Direct exposure to occupational role models in a dynamic & exciting environment sparks students curiosity and desire to engage with careers education

Teachers leverage the enthusiasm and momentum generated by the program experience to ignite further career discussion and exploration

Enthusiastic connection between business and young people inspires further engagement and investment in the creation of career opportunities for young people

Broader awareness of the changing nature of the employment market and the skills required to navigate this complex and dynamic environment

Speed Careering on eBeacon

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