Work Exposure

Direct and authentic work exposure is essential for a culture of Collaborative Education to thrive.

Work Exposure may take on various forms, and could be in-situ in the workplace or as an incursion in the school environment.

Beacon Collaborators (Business Volunteers) and business and community partners on a local, region, national or global level all play a critical role in ensuring current and authentic work exposure is provided to Australia’s young people as part of their education.

Work Exposure through interactions and partnerships between business and educators is at the core of the Beacon program.  All program elements have a work exposure element, whether it be through industry tours, Speed Careering, Business Blackboard or Learning Lives etc., a cultural shift towards Collaborative Education requires a commitment to genuine and authentic work exposure.

An instructional guide containing tips for planning industry tours, is provided in our members’ section.

“I have had the opportunity to explore more different engineering and construction pathways and learn about careers that I didn’t even know existed”

Student, Queensland
Site Visit

Work Exposure builds the following

Students are excited, inspired, more knowledgeable and better equipped for the workforce

Refresh knowledge of the workforce, industry expectations and educational requirements

Raise profile, attract future talent, boost internal moral levels and appreciate the potential of young people

Students that are exposed to  career options, supporting them to make more informed decisions about their futures and contribute to the community and labour force

Work Exposure on eBeacon

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